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DiveAdvise Trifecta I was on team DiveAdvise for Perth Startup Weekend this weekend. Together with

As well as some much-appreciated legal-help from Adam Law and graphic-design by Karl Brightman.

Over the course of 72 hours (with minimal sleep) we built a functional prototype and landing page for a startup idea that was validated, designed, prototyped, launched, and actually used.

This project used many new technologies that I hadn't previously dealt with.

Expressjs Jade CouchDB

As well as a few more familiar ones


Fish Spiral Most of my weekend was spent rapidly prototyping new designs and doing frontend development with a little backend thrown in, as well as the usual firefighting and bug-squashing. We had some free expert advice from the Amazon AWS guys regarding their services that was greatly appreciated, as well as the, always impressive, Karl Brightman (@karlbright) who designed and produced our temporary logo in about 10 minutes!

Read the DiveAdvise Blog for future updates on DiveAdvise.

... And don't forget to check out before heading out for your next dive!