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Ergoline Furniture

Cafe Sordina Productions provided consultation services throughout the development of the Ergoline website in conjunction with Kang Sheng Loh.

Ergoline Furniture is set up as a highly customised Wordpress blog.

This departs from the approach historically taken by Sordina Productions in the following way:

Usually we try to avoid using PHP for applications, however, in this instance we have been commissioned to provide a product-feature style site that suits Wordpresses hierarchical categories quite well.

In order to facilitate a smooth development process, most additional functionality was implemented as Wordpress plugins. This allows preservation of the existing Wordpress framework as well as upgrade-downgrade capabilities and ease of source-control. The plugins were versioned under Git and had make-files created to build the plugin archives used for uploaded-installation.

Build Process

Ergoline Furniture specialises in supplying the hospitality industry with high quality and innovative commercial furniture. Their range includes café furniture, restaurant furniture, custom made booth seatings, hotel furniture, outdoor furniture, pub and bar furniture, public seating and much more.

Please consider visiting Ergoline Furniture for your commercial furniture needs.