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MathFriends! MathFriends is primarily a test-project to prove the viability of the Meteor framework.

The site is intended to be used to share small snippets of math in a way similar

Maxwell's Equations One reason I wanted to do the project anyway was that I felt I could make a site that projected a more fun atmosphere. The real reason, though, was to see if the Meteor framework would be viable for more serious projects. The answer to that question is...

Maybe. Not sure if want

There are some very compelling reasons to use Meteor:

However there are also some serious issues. Take this with a grain of salt as the Meteor project is still very young and they just got funded.

NPM MongoDB HandleBars

It's hard to describe the feeling of developing on the Meteor platform, but it's extremely compelling. Due to the reactive design, you don't have to deal with propagating changes - AT ALL. This is the number one key selling point for me and it doesn't really have to be part of a framework to work. The workflow is as follows:


That is seriously about it for a basic application. There are three more things to do for the real-world though:

Check out MathFriends for sharing a snippet of Latex encoded mathematics today!