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Priam Bacich

Priam Singing Priam has produced work for various albums, and has performed for many local, national and international acts. His instrument of main focus is the electric lead guitar, however he also plays acoustic and bass. He teaches both instruments and also works scoring music.

A musician with passion for his work, who takes meticulous care when producing each track. Priam's live performances have been, and are, fun to watch and at times interact with.

Priam often incorporates skills he is good at such as flat picking and finger style on the acoustic guitar, with vocal talent.


Working with Priam has been an enjoyable experience. Priam brings his creative side to bear on what is normally a very technical task. We hope that you find Priam's new homepage leaves a different and striking impression.

For this project, Sordina Productions has chosen to use a purely static site as there was no dynamic content required, and this enables the site to be served extremely quickly, as well as making the site more portable in the event that it needs to be hosted elsewhere.

While there are many existing frameworks for static-site development, Sordina Productions has chosen to leverage its existing Sinatra templates and tools in conjunction with a surprisingly effective Wget for static mirroring of the dynamic site.

Sinatra, The Book

The primary advantage of this approach was the ability to reuse existing tools, however the second most important advantage was the boosted development speed as there was no need to run any export scripts, etc, during development. This was only required when the site was ready to deploy.

Static export scripts were coded as Rake tasks in order to make the development as cohesive as possible.

Please consider attending one of Priam's up-coming gigs.