This is a place for ideas, reactions, etc.

I’m still putting the look-and-feel of the blog together, so expect the structure and style of the site to change frequently for the next while. I’m also brain-dumping a lot of ideas since I haven’t used a blog in a while, so if the editing quality is rough, expect the posts to be retroactively improved in the future.

I’ve named the blog “Bows and Arrows - Composition as Expression” as I’ve found that a compositional approach to problem solution is a very re-usable tool, as well as being easy to explain. It is also a nice pun, as there is somwhat of a hunting theme to the site, I play the cello, arrows are a common Haskell and category-theoretical concept, composition fits into both music, and program construction, and expressions can be considered pure values, as well as the process of creative reification.