"Melbourne Silver-Screen" Open Movie Nights

Nic McPhee - "End of an era"

I’ve started a new meetup: “Melbourne Silver-Screen”.

It’s an open movie-night hosted at Silverpond.

There are lots of movie-nights, so what makes this one unique?

Open Content

There are a slew of copyright issues associated with running movie nights beyond a few close friends. The easiest way around this is to simply only air movies that have permissive copyright licenses. Starting with this premise was a fruitful source of intuition about the kind of movies that we would endeavour to screen…

  • A Focus on Open-Content
  • Creative-Commons Movies
  • Public-Domain Movies
  • Unlicensed Movies Screened Under Supervision of Their Creators

Showcasing local Directors

A constrained medium often gives birth to unexplored creativity, I’m hoping that the open constraint does the same for our movie nights. One of the best ideas that this has lead to so far, is to reach out to upcoming and student directors to see if they would like a small venue in which to air their films.

  • Invitations extended to directors to show off their work
  • Approach universities and film-schools about using it as an avenue to show of student films

Inclusive and Fun

More than anything, though, I think running a movie-night will be a great opportunity to provide social events without the filter of the usually highly-geeky meetups that we have run. I’m interested to see what new collaborations this might lead to.